Papa's Hot Doggeria To Go! App Reviews

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I love this game


can you make the doughnut on mobile bc i know its on computer also can u update this game bc i try to get on it but kicks me off never happend before

Please read.

I play this game every day.Ignore the 5 stars.I give this game 1,000,000,00,000,000,000 stars!!!!

The game

It’s gud

Can I get my money back?

This game is difficult and it’s hard to keep track of everything

Love it 💖

I love this game is super fun worth the $$ and so are all the other papa games please make papa’s pancakeria and wingeria I use to play all the papa games on my computer and it had those two games as well I’d love to play those again 😃


I love papa Louie games (all of em) plus I love food and food games. There so much fun. I love to cook and bake so this is a really fun game for me. I have the IPhone 7 Plus, so this game works really well on here. If u get the game u shouldn’t be disappointed. But your phone could be the problem if the game is not working properly. Or looks good. Idk.


I know I did NOT just pay $1.99 for this game when I can’t even customize my character! What kind of bull ? You know the computer version can customize characters so why not on mobile? All the other games are $0.99 so why is this one $1.99? FIX IT! Please!

Good, but not good.

So maybe you have seen this version on the computer. Well if you like it on there you will hate it on here. I thought it would be fun and when I logged in it was blurry! I don’t know if it is my phone (and I have the 7) but it was so blurry I could barely even read eveything. Maybe it was just me, but I give it two stars.

Sushi! 🍱

I love these games! I have all of the To Go ones and the HD ones for iPad. Maybe next time you could make the sushi one...

Love as always

Love it!! Bring sushieria & donuteria too!!


Big fan of these games! But the guest with the Golden envelope stopped showing up early on in the game so I’ve only gotten 3 top recipes. It might be a glitch?

Great Game

This is a very awesome game I just bought it a few hours ago and it’s great 5 stars

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